Precise, accurate, automated.

SaniSmart is a device implemented in the tank that allows constant monitoring of the waste level and automates the process of emptying it.

By optimizing this process and thanks to a growing network of partners we aim to provide right-on-time service and reduce the overall cost of it and make this process more environment-friendly

The Problem

For the owner

He has to remember about the disposal and control the level of sewage himself.

In the event that the septic tank is flooded by e.g. heavy rainfall or a damaged cistern, it is not able to react quickly to the problem because it is not visible.

Low control over the quality of the service provided.

For the septic tank handlers

Lack of organization of sewage disposal – the suboptimal route of the slurry tanker means higher fuel consumption and not using the full capacity of the tanker.

Great difficulty in effectively managing a fleet of slurry tanks.

For the goverment administration

Lack of control of the amount of waste discharged to the catchment area as compared to the actual reception – this leaves room for abuse and septic tanks to drain in places not intended for this.

Leaking septic tanks that cannot be verified, which later poison the groundwater – currently, it is enough to submit a contract with a sanitation facility to confirm the disposal of the septic tank.